Terms of Service

1. Preface
These are the Terms of Service (hereinafter "TOS") for using the services of Small-n-Tall GmbH (hereinafter "SnT"). They govern the contractual relationship between SnT and all individual and legal persons who use the apps, websites and services of SnT (hereinafter "Users").

2. Scope of Application
The use of the services of SnT is subject to these terms and conditions. These conditions apply to all apps and internet domains that belong to the services of SnT. By using the services of SnT, the User acknowledges to have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.

3. Services
SnT operates various online, mobile and offline services, be it apps, websites, or other services.

4. Use of SnT
Users are not entitled to use SnT. SnT has the liberty to reject or exclude users from the services operated by SnT.

5. Liability
SnT is liable only for direct damages caused by gross negligence or an intentional breach of contract by SnT. Any liability for direct damages of SnT caused by only minor fault - for whatever legal reason - is explicitly excluded. A liability of SnT for indirect or consequential damages - for whatever legal reason - shall be excluded completely and explicitly. SnT is not liable for damages that occur as a result of an interruption of their services. SnT is not liable for damages caused to users or third parties by the behavior of other users.

6. Indemnification
Users that cause damage to other users or third parties, indemnify SnT fully with respect to any claims and also assume the entire cost of the legal defense of SnT.

7. Privacy Policy
Please refer to the separate Privacy Policy.

8. Final provisions
8.1. SnT reserves the right to change these terms and conditions independantly at any time. User can object to these changes within one month by no longer using our services and, where applicable, by deleting their account.
8.2. SnT reserves the right to change any services arbitrarily. There is no entitlement for constant availability.
8.3. If any part of these Terms and Conditions be invalid, the remaining parts always remain valid.
8.4. As long as these terms and conditions don't provide otherwise, the provisions of the Swiss law, in particular the Swiss Code of Obligations ("Obligationenrecht") apply. The place of jurisdiction is Basel-Stadt (Switzerland).

Basel, March 3rd 2014